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Seal Coat

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Resliliant and professional crackfill services.

Painting a picture of a perfect road one stripe at a time.

Maintenance is imperative to minimize asphalt patching and other repairs. CASI recommends conducting a yearly pavement review and can help you implement a regular maintenance plan. We’ve been helping our customers with their asphalt and concrete needs for 30 years—and we do it with reliability, integrity, and expertise.




Asphalt patching is the most effective repair option when a surface has been neglected and water infiltration has undermined the sub-grade material. In this case, removal and replacement is necessary. Asphalt patching can be performed when both air and ground temperatures are above freezing.

CASI asphalt patching improves functionality, repairs damages, and fixes depressions and drainage issues. We deliver the highest quality materials and service in every circumstance, whether it’s a long-term project or an emergency repair that must be fixed now. We’ll complete your repairs on time and on budget—every time.



Seal coat slows pavement deterioration and should be applied every two or three years as part of a regular maintenance plan. It is not a replacement for asphalt.


CASI provides sealcoating services to increase pavement life, slow oxidation and water penetration, and reduce the effects of the freeze-thaw cycle. Our reliable expert teams will plan the sealcoating process with you to minimize traffic impacts and ensure curing is complete. 



Cracks should be filled annually to extend the longevity of your pavement. Effective sealing prevents water from entering and weakening the basand/or sub-base.

As part of our crack seal services, CASI de-weeds and heats cracks to ensure maximum adhesion. Our crack fill material dries quickly for minimum impact, and we commit to completing every project on time and on budget. 



CASI conducts striping—the “finishing touch”—on freshly paved or sealcoated parking lots. In addition to ensuring impeccable striping, we’ll help you maximize the space utilization and flow of your lots and comply with ADA regulations. Our outstanding team will complete your striping project with the highest level of service and quality every time.